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How to Bet on Soccer

Soccer betting, much like the sport itself, is one of the fastest-growing forms of sports gambling in Canada. Luckily, there’s plenty to offer for experts and novices on theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino.


If you’re relatively new to soccer betting or even soccer outright, our exclusive theScore Bet® Sportsbook and Casino guide is for you. You’ll find everything that you need to know to place worthwhile bets and understand how the lines work.

Soccer bet types explained

Match Result bet 

Also known as the Moneyline bet, the Match Result bet is simply a way to bet on the outcome of the game. In soccer betting, you can bet on the home team, away team, or a tie.

Correct score bet 

As the soccer bet type reads, in this market, you have to predict the exact scoreline of the game. It comes with high odds but is very difficult to land. For example, a Correct Score bet may be for Real Madrid to win 4-1 against Real Betis or for a certain match to end as a draw betting 2-2.

Half-time/full-time bet 

This is a two-part bet in which you try to call the result at the end of each half. A common one would be to call a half-time draw and then a full-time winner. This could look like Draw/Roma on the line.

Both teams to score bet 

In a Yes or No bet, you have to call if both teams will score or not, usually at near-evens in the odds.

Over/Under bet 

This soccer betting line is usually in reference to the number of goals scored. It can, however, also refer to the number of corners, free-kicks, offsides, shots or shots on target, or other countable statistics. You could back under 2.5 goals at +200 in the North London Derby.

Handicap bet 

Familiar to fans of spread betting in other sports, the handicap bet gives an advantage or disadvantage on a team’s scoreline to alter the odds. For example, you could back Olympique Marseille at –1.5 to beat Stade Rennes. This means that OM needs to win by a two-goal margin to win the bet.

Double chance bet

A Double Chance bet allows you to bet on 2 of the 3 potential outcomes of the match in one bet. So, you could back Málaga CF and Draw when they face SD Huesca. This bet will win as long as Huesca doesn’t win.

Draw No Bet 

Draw No Bet soccer odds cover either team to win. If you place this soccer bet, should a draw be the end result, you’ll get your wager back. If you bet $10 on Liverpool to beat Everton, but the game ends 2-2, with a draw no bet wager, you’ll get the $10 back.

Goalscorer bet 

A form of soccer player prop bet, the goalscorer bet lets you back when and if a player will score in the game. Markets available to bet are mainly First/Last/Anytime/Player to Score 2+/Player to Score 3+. Anytime Goalscorer is the most popular form of this kind of soccer betting.

Outright bet 

Outright bets are also categorized as Futures. These are reserved for long-term outcomes of competitions, tournaments, and awards. For example, in Premier League betting, you can bet on the League Winner, Team to be relegated, Top Goalscorer & To Finish Top 4 just to name a few.

Prop bets 

Soccer prop bets is a catchall term for markets on specific events and outcomes within individual matches. These can include the last goalscorer, most corners, number of bookings, and more.

In-game/live bets

You can bet on almost all of the above soccer bet types in games as they’re being played live. To do this, simply go to the live betting page.

Soccer odds

Soccer odds are there to show you two things: perceived probability and bet returns. You can find soccer odds in the big three formats: American (+200), fractional (2/1), and decimal (3.00). You can find out more on how to read odds in our in-depth guide.


Sometimes, you may find yourself on a betting site that doesn’t use your preferred odds or you want to check the returns on a bet before you place it. For this, use our handy soccer betting calculator.

Soccer betting tips & factors to consider

  • Team/Player Form: Look at the team’s last 10 results or how regularly the player has scored of late.
  • Team News: Always watch out for key injuries or training pitch spats that could remove a player from the line-up.
  • Home Advantage: Playing at home can make a big difference, so study the team’s whole season record at home or on the road.
  • Head-to-Head Record: Teams can change a lot in a matter of years, but recent head-to-head records are useful. Also worth investigating are head coach H2H records.
  • Player Quality: Teams win as a team, but in close or open games, it’s the star players who tend to shine. See if any have a match-up advantage in their regular position – such as a great winger against an inexperienced full-back.
  • Playing Style and Tactics: See if areas of a team’s formation, style, and likely line-up can gain an advantage over their opponents, such as with an aggressive high press against teams that try to, but often fail to play it out from the back.
  • Weather Conditions: High winds, rain, or even snow can hinder many tactics on the pitch, especially if teams rely on long passing or a big centre forward to dominate in the air.
  • Competition and Tournament: Teams with big squads tend to rotate for certain competitions, such as lesser domestic cups, which could influence how likely they are to win.
  • Betting Market: It’s always important to analyze the soccer odds in terms of probability and if you think you’d be getting a return large enough to cover your perceived risk.

Soccer betting mistakes to avoid

This wouldn’t be a comprehensive guide to the best soccer betting tips if it didn’t include mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Even the smallest soccer bet can succumb to common errors, so here’s what to avoid:


  • Emotional Betting: Betting because you support the team, have high hopes for a player, or are angry.
  • Ignoring Key Factors: Never overlook injury news, weather conditions, odds line movements, or the like when betting.
  • Short-Term Loss Chasing: Placing a soccer bet to recover from a loss and focusing on short-term gains isn’t going to pay off.
  • Losing Track of Bets: Always monitor and analyze your successful and unsuccessful betting sessions to improve.

How to place soccer bets today with theScore Bet

To place the best soccer bets today with theScore Bet, you need to:


  1. Create an account via the 'Sign Up' button in the top right of the app or website
  2. Use the sports betting menu to find the Soccer section
  3. Choose the nation and its competition from the dropdown and click or tap it
  4. Select the odds that you want in your betslip and then press 'Place Bet'

Reasons To Bet With theScore® Bet

There are many reasons to bet with theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino. These include a reliable support team that’s available 24/7 for any and all mobile betting concerns, a responsibility to maintain player safety and security, as well as a responsibility to uphold regulated betting standards. 


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Soccer betting FAQs

How do I know if my bet has been accepted by the sportsbook?

You know that your bet has been accepted if the page shows confirmation, and you can find the bet in your betslip.  

How do I calculate my potential winnings when betting on soccer?

To calculate your potential winning on a soccer bet, you can input – but not submit – your bet into the betslip when it has all of your selections.

Can I bet on multiple soccer games at once in a sportsbook?

You can bet on multiple soccer games at once, this is known as making a parlay or accumulator bet. Simply add more selections to the betslip.

What is a clean sheet bet in soccer?

A clean sheet is when a team doesn’t concede a single goal in a game. So, a clean sheet bet is to wager for or against a team not conceding a goal.

Is it better to bet on favourites or underdogs in soccer?

Odds are based on probability calculations, so most would say that it’s better to bet on the favourites. However, the favourites to win a tournament rarely win every game, teams can draw, and the stats may actually peg them as the true underdogs.

Can I place a bet on a soccer game that has already started?

You can place a bet on a soccer game that’s already started by going to the live betting page.

Can I bet on soccer games from different leagues and countries?

Yes, you can bet on soccer games from different countries and leagues from the extensive soccer betting list.

How does a team's motivation factor into soccer betting?

A team’s motivation doesn’t factor into soccer odds, but it can and perhaps should influence soccer. A motivated team, regardless of the difference in quality, could beat a less motivated team – such as one that’s already won the title.

How does the referee's performance affect soccer betting?

A referee’s performance can greatly affect soccer betting as they determine the outcome of the bookings markets and, potentially, the outcomes of games if they rule out goals or send off players.

How does a team's schedule affect soccer betting?

A tight schedule – such as playing twice or three times in one week – can lead to the players getting tired. Unless the squad is deep enough, even the top stars could be sub-par and be part of a loss as a result.

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