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How to bet on Motor Racing

If you’re new to auto racing betting or want to know more about motor racing odds, this is the guide for you. Read on to discover how to bet on racing events.

Motor Racing betting markets

As motor racing fans in Canada, you’ll be able to bet on everything from individual race outcomes to title winners. So, whether you want to place bets on daily odds or outright championship odds, here’s what you need to know.

Race winner bet 

The race winner bet is simply a wager on the driver who you think will finish in first place in the race at hand.

Top 3 finish bet 

You get more leeway with the top-three finish bet. All that you need to do is bet on one of the drivers to finish on the podium.

Top 10 finish bet 

Motor racing isn’t always about the favourites. The top 10 finish bet lets you back racers further down the pack to finish in one of the top 10 places.

Head-to-head matchup bet 

This betting market matches 2 specific drivers on each betting line. You’ll be able to back one over the other to finish the race in a higher position.

Fastest Qualifier Bet

These odds are offered before the race proper and the qualifying rounds. You simply need to bet on the racer who you think will finish with the best time to earn pole position for the attached race.

Fastest lap bet 

The fastest lap bet has you bet on which racer will finish with the quickest lap time during the race, regardless of their final finishing position.

Manufacturer bet

Manufacturer bets focus on which manufacturer will see one of their cars or bikes win the race.

Futures bet 

Futures bets are long-term wagers that seek to determine the final winner of a specific championship or race in the future.

Prop bet

Prop bets comprise the category of markets that depend on outcomes within a race but don’t necessarily determine its final outcome. So, you could bet on the number of times the lead changes, vehicles to bow out, or the number of caution flags thrown.

Motor racing betting odds 

Depending on your platform or motor sport of choice, you may encounter different odds formats. You’ll most likely be accustomed to the + and - odds of the American format. However, you may be met with fractional or decimal odds. All odds can be converted into one another, but it helps to know how to read the odds when betting online.


If you know what you want to bet on and don’t mind adding selections to the bet slip in unfamiliar odds formats, you can still get a better understanding of the odds. To do this, use the bet calculator to work out how much your wagers will win in the given odds format.

​F1 betting odds 

The baseline of F1 odds are the driver race winner and constructor race winner. In both instances, you’re looking at odds that reflect the perceived likelihood of that pick to win the race. This is the most popular form of Formula 1 betting, but closer to race day, other markets will appear.


Throughout the year, even long before the season starts, you can also find F1 championship odds. Not only do these include Drivers’ Championship and Constructors’ Championship F1 odds, but also markets without leaders. When a driver and team are running away with the titles, markets for winners without them open up.


For example, the standard futures markets in 2023 had Max Verstappen to win at -1000 and Red Bull Racing to win at -2500 after three races. However, you can also get Sergio Pérez at -250 to win the Drivers’ Championship without Verstappen. Aston Martin is then at +125 to claim the Constructors’ Championship without RB Racing.

Motor Racing betting odds

Motor Racing betting odds range from a variety of props and outright options on race days, to futures markets as well. The most popular bets tend to favour the championship, where you can back any driver to win the title. 


Factors to consider when betting on Motor Racing 

Before you place any kind of bet, you should always do your research. For both F1 betting and other types of Motor Racing bets, this includes examining the tracks, driver form, strategies discussed, outcomes of qualifying, and the weather.


  • Track Characteristics: The surface, number of straights, number of turns, undulations, and length will all play into how well a car performs.
  • Driver and Team Form: It’s good to review a driver and a team’s form in the season and over the last few years at the track for the race at hand.
  • Weather Conditions: Particularly warm weather can wear down the tires faster, while wet weather can pose problems for tracking and limit the desire to perform overtakes.
  • Qualifying Results: While not the be-all and end-all of the race, qualifying certainly contains key hints as to which drivers and vehicles are best suited to the track if allowed to drive as they see fit.
  • Strategy: Whether it’s allowing competition between drivers or selecting when to make pit stops, a team’s strategy can make a huge difference in the outcome of tight races. See what team bosses have said about their strategies in recent races and how or if they intend to change the approach.

Motor Racing betting mistakes to avoid

The Motor Racing betting mistakes to avoid are very much the same as in any form of sports betting. It is important to enjoy your betting, and even potentially find success by keeping a level head, doing your research, and analyzing your results. Here are the main betting mistakes to try to avoid:

Emotional betting

It could be that they’re your favourite team, you want a certain driver to win the title, or you particularly dislike a car or bike. In any case, never let your emotions cloud your judgement. This mistake also plays into not chasing losses. Losing isn’t any fun, but you need to be mindful of any attempts to make up for the losses and avoid doing so.

Ignoring key details

Research is a key element of all betting. If you’re well-informed and know the sport, you’ll be in the best position to place a good bet. Those who ignore historical and contemporary stats, the news, or even line movements in the odds put themselves at an automatic disadvantage. Some say trust your gut; we say trust the facts.

How to bet today with theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino

  1. Open the app or go to the desktop homepage for theScore and select the 'Sign Up' button in the corner.
  2. Complete the signup pages, including providing your driver’s licence.
  3. Use the sports scroll to get to 'Motorsports', select it, and then the drop-down for your favourite sport.
  4. Pick the 'Futures' or ‘Race Day’ option from the drop-down and the odds that you want to add to the bet slip.
  5. Once your picks are in the bet slip, choose to bet on them straight or in a parlay, enter the bet amount, and then press the 'Place Bet' button.
  6. Track your wagers on the 'My Bets' page, and if they win, the cash will be reflected in your balance.

Reasons To Bet With theScore® Bet

There are many reasons to bet with theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino. These include a reliable support team that’s available 24/7 for any and all mobile betting concerns, a responsibility to maintain player safety and security, as well as a responsibility to uphold regulated betting standards. 


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Motor Racing and F1 betting FAQs

Can I bet on live motor racing events?

You can bet on live motor racing events in the Motorsports section of theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino.

Is it legal to bet on motor racing in Canada?

It is perfectly legal to bet on motor racing in Canada, provided that you’re doing so from a province that permits sports betting, like Ontario.

What happens if a race is cancelled or postponed?

If a race is cancelled or postponed by a significant margin – such as to the next day – your bet will be refunded in full as real money to your account.

Can I bet on multiple motor racing events at the same time?

You can bet on multiple racing events at the same time. Simply add your picks to the bet slip and then either back each selection as a straight bet or bundle them together in a parlay.

What are some tips for betting on motor racing underdogs?

When betting on motor racing underdogs, it’s always better to take the wider markets. Take wanting to back a driver who’s fifth in the odds to win the race as an example. It may be better to take them in the top three places market rather than the race winner market.

What is a parlay bet in motor racing?

A parlay bet is when you have multiple motor racing bet selections on your bet slip and, instead of betting on each outcome individually, you bet on all of them together to win for enhanced odds.

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