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How to Bet on Golf

Even if the weather in Canada doesn’t permit year-round golfing, betting on golf from your house or on the go is a different story. Before you start betting on golf, the key is understanding how golf odds work, knowing the various types of golf betting markets, and learning the tricks of the trade so that you can make smart bets that pay dividends. That’s why we here at theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino put together a guide on how to bet on golf and what you’ll need to know before you start betting.

Types of golf bets

There are a surprising amount of ways to bet on golf. After all, golf tournaments have dozens of players and feature 18 holes per day over 4 days. That creates a lot of events to bet on during the course of a tournament. 

Outright winner bet

This is the simplest way to bet on golf. You simply choose who you think will win a particular tournament. Most bettors will make this wager before a tournament, although it’s possible to place a wager as the tournament unfolds, as the odds will change based on how each golfer is performing.

Each way bet

This type of golf wager involves making two bets. The first bet is on a particular golfer to win the tournament. But there is also a second bet on that golfer to finish within a certain range, perhaps in the top 5 or top 10. This gives the bettor a little bit of leeway in case the golfer they choose doesn’t win the tournament but finishes in a top spot.

Top finisher bet

Since golf tournaments are winner-take-all, it’s possible to bet on a specific golfer finishing within a certain range of the top spot. This could be the top 5, top 10, or even top 20. Obviously, the potential payout is higher for bets that have the golfer finishing higher in the standings.

Matchup bet

In a matchup bet, your wager is between two players, betting on what golfer will have the best score in a particular round. This can be a popular bet to make later in the tournament when you know which golfer has played better and which golfer is under more pressure to have a good round.

Round leader bet

As the name implies, this type of bet is based on a single round rather than the whole tournament. You simply place a golf bet on which player will have the best day and have the lowest score of the round.

Hole-in-one bet

With holes-in-one being rare but not unheard of in golf, bettors may place a wager on whether or not any player will have a hole-in-one at any point in a tournament.

First-round leader bet

This bet is the same as a round leader bet except it applies specifically to the first round of a tournament. In other words, what golfer is going to get off to a strong start in the tournament and win the first round?

Winning margin bet

Rather than betting on what golfer will win a particular tournament, it’s possible to simply bet on the margin of their victory. Will this be a close tournament that’s decided by one or two strokes, or will the winner run away from the pack and win comfortably?

Nationality of winner bet

This is one of the more interesting types of bets for a golf tournament that’s possible because golf is such an international sport. As the name implies, you simply bet on the nationality of the tournament winner. Obviously, it’s important to do some research on the nationality of the top contenders of that tournament before placing this type of bet.

Cutline bet

Other than the tournament winner, one of the most compelling parts of a golf tournament is which players will make the cut. Bettors are allowed to place wagers on whether or not they think a particular golfer will make the cut or not.

Golf betting odds

Before placing a bet, it’s important to know how to read the odds for various golf bets. Reading golf odds is straightforward, akin to placing a futures bet on other sports since most golf bets involve more than two competitors. Whether it’s a bet on which golfer will win the tournament or win a particular round, each competitor is assigned a Moneyline price based on their chances of winning the tournament or round. The Moneyline lets you know the payout if the golfer you bet on ends up winning.


Of course, the Moneyline will be different for each golfer depending on their chances of winning. The golfers that are favoured to win might have a negative sign in front of their Moneyline, while others will have a positive sign. With a negative sign, the payout will be lower than if a golfer has a positive sign. For example, if a golfer has a -300 moneyline, you will need to wager $300 in order to make a profit of $100 if that golfer wins. On the other hand, a +500 moneyline means that a $100 bet will have a profit of $500, because that bet is considered more of a long shot than a bet with a -300 moneyline.

Golf betting tips and factors to consider

With dozens of golfers competing in tournaments, there are a lot of factors to consider before placing bets on a winner or even a particular golfer to finish near the top. It starts with understanding the strength of the field. How many of the top-ranked golfers in the world are participating? That could make it less likely for an underdog to emerge.


Of course, many bettors choose to bet on the golfers who are in the best form and have performed well in recent tournaments. These factors can help bettors to find players who have been undervalued by oddsmakers and have favourable odds.


At the same time, bettors need to take the specific course into consideration. Is the course hosting the tournament unique in some way? Are there going to be weather conditions that could impact the tournament? Along those same lines, the playing style of certain players could help them on certain courses and hurt them on other courses. In fact, many bettors make the mistake of not researching how golfers have performed on a particular course in the past before making their wagers.

Golf betting mistakes to avoid

The first mistake that golf bettors make is not taking the course, weather conditions, and playing style into consideration. Too many bettors place wagers on a whim or let their emotions get the best of them by betting on what they hope will happen, rather than making an informed and educated bet. Too many times, bettors rely on the favourite, when betting on the favourite rarely provides the most value.


In general, many golf bettors make the same kind of mistakes that most bettors make. For starters, they don’t set a budget or track their bets to see if their betting strategies are successful or not. This can lead to chasing losses and trying to negate losses, which usually leads to more losses.

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Golf betting FAQs

What is the difference between pre-tournament betting and live betting in golf?

A pre-tournament golf bet must be placed before a tournament starts, while live betting takes place while players are on the course. However, golf betting odds can change quickly during live betting based on how golfers perform.

How do you bet on a golfer's finishing position?

Golf bets can be made for an entire tournament or a particular round based on a golfer’s finishing position. Often, there is a range of positions available for these types of bets, such as top 5, top 10, or top 20.

Can you place a bet on a golfer to make the cut?

Yes, it’s common to place golf bets on whether a particular golfer will make the cut of a tournament.

Is it better to bet on favourites or underdogs in golf?

There is always a balance between betting on favourites and underdogs in golf. Betting on favourites is usually a little safer, although less lucrative, whereas the payouts with underdogs can be higher because these golfers are less likely to win.

How do you consider a golfer's recent form when making a bet?

A golfer’s recent form is not absolute, but is typically a good indicator of how a golfer will perform at their next tournament.

What is a "value bet" in golf betting?

In golf, “value bet” is a way of describing odds that bettors believe to be more likely to happen than their odds indicate. In other words, the betting odds are higher than the true odds of something happening.

How can you analyze a golfer's stats to make a bet?

There are several statistical categories in golf that can help bettors to analyze how a particular golfer will perform in their next tournament.

How does a golfer's mental game factor into golf betting?

Those who follow golf will understand the mental makeup of many of the top golfers. This can help them decide if they can handle some of the pressure that comes with trying to win a golf tournament, especially a major tournament.

What happens if you bet on a golfer and he withdraws?

If a golfer withdraws before the start of a tournament, your bet will be void and your money returned. However, if a player withdraws during a round, you will lose your bet.

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