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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Parlay+ bets! At theScore Bet®, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive betting options that provide more flexibility to bettors. Today, we will explore one such option, the Same Game Parlay or Parlay+ Bet. We will delve into the meaning and definition of this type of bet, and provide examples from hockey and football markets.

What is a Same Game Parlay or Parlay+ bet?

A Parlay+ Bet, similar to a Same Game Parlay, is an innovative wager that lets bettors combine several selections within one game, as opposed to traditional Parlays that require combining wagers across various games. This unique betting option allows for greater customization and more creative strategies when placing bets.


The advantage of a Parlay+ bet is that it offers the potential of higher returns due to the increased difficulty of predicting multiple outcomes within a single event, creating longer odds. By correctly analyzing a game and identifying correlated outcomes, bettors have the potential to maximize their winnings.


It is important to note, that the odds of winning a Parlay+ bet are generally lower than those of a traditional parlay due to the added complexity of combining multiple selections within one game.

How do Parlay+ bets work?

​​​Parlay+ bets provide bettors with an opportunity to combine multiple bets from the same game with more bets from other games in a single parlay, making them a popular choice for those looking to maximize their returns while engaging with their favourite sports. These bets are available in various markets, including hockey and football, and are particularly popular in the same game parlay scene in Canada.


Parlay+ bets allow for higher returns than traditional single bets, but also increase the level of risk, as all selections must be correct for the bet to win.

Let's take a closer look at some examples of how Parlay+ bets work in the NHL and NFL:

Hockey example:

In this Parlay+ example, imagine a game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. You could combine the following selections:


  • Toronto Maple Leafs to win
  • Auston Matthews to score a goal
  • Total goals in the game to be over 5.5


If all three outcomes occur, the bet is successful, and you win based on the combined odds of these selections.

American football example:

In a football game featuring New England and Miami, you might create a Parlay+ bet with the following selections:


  • New England to win
  • New England’s QB to throw for over 300 yards
  • Both teams to score over 45 total points


Again, if all three selections are correct, the bet is successful, and you would win based on the combined odds of these outcomes.


Parlay+ bets work by allowing bettors to leverage their knowledge and understanding of a specific game to create customized wagers that combine multiple outcomes. It is important to note that when building your Parlay+, at least 2 legs must come from the same game, and then you are able to combine legs from other games as well. 

How to build a Parlay+ bet?

Building a Parlay+ bet is simple, whether you're using a desktop or theScore Bet mobile app. Follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to the game you'd like to bet on.
  2. Select 2 or more legs with the Parlay+ option.
  3. Add legs from other games (optional).
  4. Choose your desired outcomes by clicking on the odds.
  5. Confirm your selections and enter your stake in the bet slip.

Mobile app:

  1. Open the theScore Bet app and locate the game you want to bet on.
  2. Tap to add 2 or more legs with the Parlay+ option.
  3. Add legs from other games (optional).
  4. Select your desired outcomes by tapping the odds.
  5. Confirm your selections and enter your stake in the bet slip.

Parlay+ settlement rules

Parlay+ bets have different outcomes depending on the results of your selections. If all your selections are successful, the bet is a winner. If one or more selections are incorrect, the bet is a loss. In case of voided selections, the Parlay+ bet is settled based on the remaining active selections. For more detailed information on settlement rules and scenarios, please visit theScore Bet Betting Rules page.


We hope this guide has helped you understand the unique world of Parlay+ bets. Now it's time to put your knowledge to the test and build your Parlay+ bet!

Other exclusive bets available at theScore Bet

In addition to Parlay+ bets, theScore Bet offers a range of other exclusive betting options that cater to a wide variety of bettors and sports. These unique betting options provide an engaging and potentially profitable wagering experience for those looking to explore different aspects of sports betting.


Some other exclusive bets available at theScore Bet include:

Moving the line

At theScore Bet, you can also find the "Moving the Line" betting option, which allows bettors to adjust the point Spread or Over/Under line in their favour. By using this feature, bettors can explore different strategies and approaches to sports betting. For a more in-depth explanation of this unique betting feature, read our Moving the Line article.


By offering a diverse range of exclusive betting options, theScore Bet ensures that every bettor can find the perfect wager to suit their preferences and expertise. Whether you're a fan of same game parlays, following Barstool personalities, or moving the line to create your ideal bet, theScore Bet has you covered.

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