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A Teaser bet is a variation of a parlay that allows you to adjust the point Spread or the Over/Under to improve the chances of a successful bet. What’s the catch? Multiple bets need to be tied together as part of the Teaser, and they all need to win. We explain this and other elements of Teaser betting in more detail below.

Understanding Teaser Betting

Teaser betting is best understood with an example. The most common type of Teaser bet is a 6-point Teaser, where you can add or subtract six points from a spread or total. Teasers require two or more bets to be added and like parlays, every bet in a Teaser must win for the Teaser to pay out. 

Reverse Teasers

A reverse Teaser is known as a Peaser. They allow you to add or subtract a certain number of points and place a bet with that move. Overall, Pleasers modify Over/Unders and Spreads in a disadvantageous direction but can result in a higher potential payout for bettors.

How Teaser Betting works?

Let's say you’re betting on a game between Detroit (who are -9.5 point favourites) and Philadelphia (who are +2.5 underdogs), you can tease Detroit down to 3.5 and Philadelphia to +8.5. To win this bet, Detroit will have to win by 4 or more points, and Philadelphia will have to win outright or lose by less than 8 points. If this scenario occurs, you could walk away with profits at -110 odds.

How to Place a Teaser Bet? 

To create a sports betting Teaser, you have to add a wager to your bet slip and then use the tease option on the bet slip to adjust how much you would like to tease on each game. You could also make a different parlay for your chosen combination and try alternate spreads.

Teaser Betting Markets

Here are some of the most popular Teaser betting markets: 

American Football 

Sportsbooks like theScore Bet® are known to offer Teasers in addition to parlay games. We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with parlays and winning a few combinations of bets before experimenting with Teasers.


The nature of baseball makes it ideal for Teaser betting. You’ll be sure to find several Teaser bets on baseball games at theScore Bet.

Ice Hockey

Since many ice hockey games are low scoring, the unpredictability factor is ideal for Teaser betting.


To place a Teaser bet in soccer, it is best to combine two or more bets that you are confident in winning. 

How Are Teaser Bets Calculated? 

If you’ve created a parlay before, Teaser bets are easy to figure out. They are calculated by adjusting the point spread or totals in each game by a certain number of points. This adjusted value is then known as the Teaser line. Remember: the more teams and points you involve in your Teaser, the lower your potential payout will be.


Teaser bets have lower chances of occurring since a single leg failing can result in the entire Teaser losing. Also, adding more bets under your Teaser can result in lower eventual payouts. Payouts are available to users, similar to winnings of simple bet types.

Teaser Betting FAQs

Are Teaser bets popular? 

Yes, Teaser bets are extremely popular, especially with football fans who frequently play parlays. 

How do Teaser bets work? 

Teaser bets work by allowing the player to adjust the point Spread or Over/Under totals to a more favourable margin. 

How profitable are Teasers?

If played correctly, Teaser bets have the potential to be extremely profitable.

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