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Round Robin

Round Robin betting is a simple concept. If you're a rookie bettor, you might need to become more familiar with this intermediate-level betting technique. In the simplest terms, Round Robin betting is a form of Parlay betting. Parlay betting allows you to place a single wager on multiple games simultaneously.

Understanding Round Robin Betting

The phrase Round Robin betting derives from the Round Robin tournament, where each team plays the other in a competition. The idea remains the same, but instead of playing each other, the teams form parlays together. As a rookie bettor, you should note that if you choose multiple games to wager on, you may be offered smaller Round Robin parlays of those games. You can make thousands of parlay combinations by adding more games to your wager, at the cost of bearing a higher risk. The number of games in each parlay bet in a Round Robin will increase the odds for parlays because the chances of winning on multiple bets get smaller. 

How Round Robins Betting Works?

2-Team Round Robins

2-team Round Robins allow you to bet as many two-team combinations as possible with the same number of teams. You can choose to bet on pairs from the wagers available. Here is an example of how a two-team Round Robin bet works:

If you like Boston -7, Los Angeles -7, and Green Bay +4 and wanted $200 on each pair, your wager would appear as such in the sportsbook:


Parlay 1

  • Boston -7  
  • Los Angeles -7


Parlay 2 

  • Boston -7 
  • Green Bay +4


Parlay 3 

  • Los Angeles -7 
  • Green Bay +4


Only two of these three teams need to win for you to win the Round Robin wager.

3-Team Round Robins

In 3-Team Round Robins, you can bet on an event with at least 3 teams. For example, you can create a Round Robin bet on college hockey comprising 3 teams, and the spread has 3 teams. You can use a Round Robin 3 to create 3 parlays of 2 teams. At theScore Bet®, you can check the selection on the bet slip, and a breakdown will be available. 

4-Team Round Robins 

You can create a Round Robin bet on sports using 4 teams, like baseball, with a spread of four. 

5-Team Round Robins 

You can place a Round Robin bet on 5 teams in American football. There are 5 teams on the spread that you can combine and add to your bet slip. There will be a Round Robin box where you can view a breakdown of 5 wagers. The Round Robin calculator creates 10 parlays from two teams. 

How to Place a Round Robin bet?

Round Robin betting is simple. You can minimize errors by choosing teams as per their spreads for Round Robin wagers. You can place a Round Robin wager on theScore Bet Sportsbook by adding the bets you want to make to your bet slip. Click on 'Round Robin' to fill in the stake, which will apply individually to each bet. You can see your total stake and potential return. 

Round Robin Betting Markets

American Football

American Football is the biggest sports betting market in North America and is at its peak during the playoffs and the Big Game. 


For example, you can choose 3 teams to create 2-team parlays. For example:


  • New England -7.5 vs New York 
  • Las Vegas +4 vs Denver 
  • Baltimore -6 vs Pittsburgh

If you risk $10 on each parlay combination, you can win $78 if you hit all three parlays. If you cover Las Vegas and New England, you'll win one parlay and take home $6. However, you will lose all three parlays if one or no team wins. 


Additionally, basketball has a large sports betting market in North America. For example, you can create a 4-team Round Robin bet. The selections will appear in your bet slip, and you can find the wagers' breakdown if you hover over the Round Robin box. The Round Robin calculator then generates six parlays of two teams. 

Ice Hockey

The betting market on the NHL and college ice hockey is huge. Hockey is a comparatively easier option to bet on, as it has a straight-up line to a win. One option you can choose is the 4-team Round Robin bet in the NHL. For example, with that Round Robin selection you can use $100 as the total wagering amount. You must divide the amount by 1, 4, and 6 to keep it equal due to fewer teams in the parlay. If all 4 teams are covered, you can win $135 profit, $235 total. 


You can bet on the available baseball markets through theScore Bet Sportsbook. For example, if you want to choose moneyline bets on 3 games, you can start by predicting the teams that will win. But you can throw them all into a parlay if you want to improve it. Suppose the parlay has odds of +424; then a bet of $10 can win you $52.46.


Soccer betting has a relatively complex method. Round Robin betting does not use the 3-way moneyline because a team can play out a draw in 90 minutes. The selection can result in loss. Through the Asian handicap soccer wager, you can split your selection. It will allow you to pick a team on the +0.25 AH line, meaning you win half of the wager if the team plays out a draw. 

How are Round Robins Calculated?

To correctly calculate Round Robin payouts, try to view each bet as an individual wager. By looking at the potential payouts of each individual bet, you can arrive at how much you stand to win by playing a certain Round Robin bet. 


Payouts are the sum total of all the winnings from each parlay during the entire Round Robin wager.

Reasons to Bet with theScore Bet®

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Round Robins Betting FAQs

Are robin bets popular?

Robin bets are a niche interest within the betting community.

How profitable are Round Robins?

Round Robin parlays offer a larger payout and a chance to negate losses if played well. 

What are the differences between robins and parlays?

Robins allows you to play multiple parlays from a select set of games, while parlays tie multiple bets together.

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