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Live Betting

Live betting allows you to place bets on the fly during the game that you are following, rather than before the game started. theScore Bet® Sportsbook live sports betting guide walks you through all that live betting has to offer, so you can bet live on all your favorite sporting events.

Understanding live betting

Live betting lets you place bets on the fly during a sporting event. You can see the lines and odds for each bet being updated in real-time and place wagers as you would on any traditional pre-match wager. The dynamic nature of a live bet opens the door to plenty of great opportunities. 


How live betting works

Live betting works in a similar way to pre-match betting. Odds and lines are set at the beginning of a sporting event and are then updated with every play, depending on the performance of both the teams and players. You’ll need to be quite sharp here, as odds and lines are constantly changing, and you might miss an opportunity if you’re not quick on your feet.

How to place a live bet 

Follow these steps to place your live sports bets on theScore Bet Sportsbook:


  1. Log into your account and find the event you are planning to bet on from either the homescreen, or by searching through a specific sport.
  2. Take a look at all the available live sports betting options. 
  3. Once you’ve found the live bet you’re interested in, place your wager while it is still open and active. 
  4. In some cases, especially with bets based on the next play in the action, you can get immediate payouts for your live wagers.

What to know about live betting

Live betting odds and lines are constantly changing according to the event’s progression. Its dynamic nature makes it a quickfire form of betting, with bettors having to react quickly, according to the way the event progresses. 


For this reason, it's incredibly important that you know the sport, teams, and players you're betting on inside out. The more knowledge you have the more confident you can be in adapting your wagers according to the way the game changes. 


For example, if you're betting live on a Champions League fixture where Manchester City is playing and Haaland scores two goals, knowing he's already had six hat-tricks in one season, could help you wager on him completing his hat-trick in the live match as well.

Live betting markets

Live betting is available across all popular sporting betting markets, including the following:

American Football

As the most popular betting market in the United States, football live betting has lots of wagering options to offer. Bet live football wagers are best placed at the end of every quarter or half, where you can get a good idea of the direction that the game is taking. Live football betting odds change quite quickly, so be ready to place your wagers in time.


Live bet basketball wagers are pretty volatile too, as the pace of a basketball game can be quick to change. Prop bets are particularly popular for live betting, so be sure to keep an eye out for both individual player and overall team performances.

Ice hockey

Hockey live betting may not be as lucrative as basketball and football, but you can still find some great wagers to place on NHL matches.


On the other hand, baseball live betting is a very different experience, given the sport’s slower pace. This gives you a bit more space to do your baseball live betting, with plenty of prop bets available on every game.


Soccer is a busy betting market around the world, with plenty of live betting options. You can bet on the number of goals to be scored by a player, the number of corners a team will have, and more. Placing bets towards the end of a half can help you narrow down your chances of success.

How are live bets calculated?

Live bets are calculated in the same way as regular bets. Your wagers are calculated against the live odds sports betting uses to create your payout.


Payouts are generally delivered at the end of a match, although in some cases, they can also be dished out as soon as a bet you placed is successful.

What are the advantages of live betting?

Live betting has added a new layer to sportsbook gambling. Apart from the added entertainment of placing live wagers during a sporting event, you can also get more up-to-date odds based on the way a game is progressing.

Live betting strategies to consider

There are a few live sports betting tips that you can apply for better chances of success. Be sure to do all your homework on a game, in the same way you would when placing a pre-match bet. You should also set your limits and stick to them as part of your live sports betting strategy.

Reasons to bet with theScore Bet

There are many reasons to bet with theScore Bet Sportsbook and Casino. These include a reliable support team that’s available 24/7 for any and all mobile betting concerns, a responsibility to maintain player safety and security, as well as a responsibility to uphold regulated betting standards. 


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Live betting FAQs

Check out our frequently asked questions below:

Are live bets popular?

Yes, live bets are popular across many betting markets including football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey and soccer.

What is live betting?

Live betting allows you to place bets while a game is being played live.

How do live bets work?

Live bets can be placed in the same way as pre-match bets and are awarded as soon as the bet is successful.

Do odds change throughout a game?

Yes, odds are changed and adjusted during the game according to the way it progresses.

How to read live betting odds?

Live betting odds are read in the same way as pre-match odds, and they can come as American odds, fractions, or decimal odds.

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