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Betting Calculators

Want to know more about betting calculators and how they can assist in your betting process? Look no further than our complete guide to betting calculators, including their types, purposes, and how you can use them in betting.


ShapeIt is crucial to understand how to calculate betting odds when wagering on sports. How odds are calculated in betting determines the profitability for your bets.


If you want to get ahead of the game, you will want to consider how the odds can work with or against you. Odds calculations can be made manually, but using a betting calculator can be a convenient choice. Let's get into how they work first, then discuss the various types and how they can be of benefit.

Understanding a sports betting calculator

A sports betting calculator can be used to compute various numerical information via your inputs. This means that you don't have to do the often tedious math. They are simply using numbers you have provided to complete equations, nothing more, nothing less.


They can be particularly beneficial considering that odds and lines move often, so you may want to get your bets in quickly. This requires the fast calculation that only a sports betting odds calculator can provide.

Why are betting calculators important?

Whether you want to calculate odds margins, convert odds formats, or implement a betting system, you will likely want to use some form of bet calculator. If you were looking for odds calculator options, there are many types available.

How are betting odds calculated?

Betting odds are calculated by sportsbooks based on a combination of factors. To begin with, they represent the approximate likelihood of outcomes and sporting events, considering profitability for the house.


As time moves on, odds are moved based on public action to attract even money to both sides. There are other reasons that they will change, such as breaking news, weather, and other factors.


For professional and serious bettors, odds are the most important consideration in betting. Seeking out advantageous odds to gain an edge over the house is the name of the game. There is no other factor more important in sports betting.

Types of betting calculators available

Odds calculator

An odds calculator is the most basic type of bet calculator. Odds calculators enable you to see the potential payout of your bet based on the amount you have wagered and the odds. They can also be used to convert odds between formats like decimal, fractional, and American.

Accumulator calculator

An accumulator calculator is the same as a parlay calculator. It enables you to ascertain how much you would win based on pairing multiple bets together, their respective odds, the number of legs on the bet, and how much you are wagering.

Value calculator

For bettors really looking to make a profit, value betting is the way to go. A value calculator will tell you where there is an opportunity in the odds. Value, in this case, means that the probability of an outcome occurring in a sporting event is greater than the sportsbook's odds reflect.

Fair line calculator

With this type of calculator, you are able to see what the actual odds of an event occurring are compared to the odds you are getting. This is very similar to a margin calculator, vigorish calculator, or any such tool.

Parlay calculator

A parlay bet calculator shows you what you would stand to win on a parlay. By inputting your selections and their odds, how many legs you are adding, and your bet amount, the parlay calculator will show you what you would stand to win.

Round-robin calculator

A round-robin calculator will show you the payout potential for a round-robin bet, which combines various selections into multiple parlays. It will enable you to input all the legs of your round-robin and their details and calculate the potential payout dependent on various outcomes.

Spread calculator

In spread betting, a calculator can be used to determine the potential payout of a point spread bet. Here, you can input the point spread, the odds, and the amount you are wagering, and it will calculate your potential payout. 

Poisson calculator

A Poisson calculator uses the Poisson distribution to calculate the probability of a certain number of outcomes occurring within a particular period of time. This can be used in sports betting to estimate how likely specific outcomes are to occur. An example would be how many goals will be scored in a soccer match.

Kelly calculator

The Kelly criterion is commonly used in sports betting or any means of skilled gambling as a way to determine how much to bet on any given wager. Using a Kelly calculator, you can make an informed decision as to the amount to bet relative to your bankroll, according to the edge you may have on said selection. This can be very helpful in the long term as a means of maximizing the value of your wagers.

Advantages of using betting calculators in your strategy

There are many reasons to use a betting calculator. Though most of the math can be done manually, using a bet payout calculator can significantly help get the job done quickly and efficiently. 


An odds calculator can help you to figure out conversions and margins before ever-changing odds have the chance to move away from your favour. This can be very helpful in live betting since lines and odds can move in a flash.


You may simply want to make informed decisions and understand precisely what you are betting. Or maybe you seek to gain a significant edge against the odds by making more advanced value calculations. Perhaps you may want to implement a betting system like Kelly in your overall approach. In any event, you will benefit from using a calculator to aid you in your endeavours.


Plus, some betting calculators are free, so you can try them without any investment. There's little reason not to at least see if they benefit your betting approach.

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Betting calculators FAQs

How do betting calculators work?

Betting calculators come in various types, and they do the math for you and calculate betting-related numbers. This can involve odds, bet amounts based on different wagering systems, and more.

Why are betting calculators important?

While you may be able to do the math on many of the calculations involved, a betting calculator will do it for you quickly and accurately. This will enable you to make sure you get your wagers in before lines and odds move against your favour.

What to look for in betting calculators?

Reputable providers of betting calculators will have a tried-and-true product for performing accurate math. Some may offer unique features that will be explained in their product descriptions. Particularly when it comes to value calculators.

What are the most popular betting calculators?

Odds calculators, parlay calculators, and hedge calculators are all popular and commonly used.

Should you use a betting calculator?

Almost every bettor would benefit from using a betting calculator for various functions for efficiency and accuracy. It can only benefit you to have proper and efficient math on your side in betting.

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